“Really important meetings are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other”

Your wedding day is something unique because it’s the manifestation of your love for each other, and a day to share with your friends and family.

The uniqueness and charm of this day will be impossible to forget for the rest of both of your lives. Our mission is to create an extraordinary day and we will be by your side for the whole journey, making sure that every single detail of your wedding is organized to perfection. We will put our heart and soul, together with our hard work and expertise to give you the best possible guidance in order to realize your dreams and ideas.

We love international weddings and count among our customers many foreign couples who love Italy and its artistic and cultural heritage. With professionalism and passion, nothing is impossible. Close your eyes and let your dream journey begin!


Our services



Budget optimization
We will work hard to allow you to realize your fairy tale wedding, by making the most of your budget, without losing the “magic” elements that will make your big day special.


Location management
We will assist you in choosing the right location by respecting the theme and style you want to give to your big day. We will also pre-schedule a couple of site visits at the chosen ceremony and reception location. This will allow us to meticulously plan the logistics and operations together with you and the suppliers.


Research and supplier selection
We will research and shortlist the most suitable suppliers. Everything from the location to the catering, from the floral designer to the live band or DJ, and much more. Ensuring that you get the best possible choice and result at your big day.


Personalized Planning and Wedding Design
Each wedding is unique. For this reason, we will develop an exclusive project and create a stylish and original theme, together with personalized design elements that will enrich your dream day with refined and unforgettable details.


Coordination and Supervision Service on the wedding day
We will attend all the meetings with the chosen suppliers and entirely coordinate all the logistical and operational phases with specific technical sheets and schedule. On your wedding day we will execute and supervise each phase. Everything from the set up to the end of the event will be fully monitored, so that it’s perfect, just like your love story.




For years we have been the point of reference for the organization and creation of Jewish luxury weddings.
Jewish weddings are characterized by the importance of family and millennia old traditions, that together create a unique and special moment. Our understanding and respect for Jewish traditions allows us to create unique weddings for you. We will consider every detail, from the Hennà to the Mishmarà and our staff will work with you to create a magical ceremony at the Synagogue, or under a beautiful Chuppah, together with an unforgettable reception.
Mazal Tov -The best is yet to come!


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